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Downtown Springfield, MO

Miscellaneous Black & Whites


Hot Rod Show, 2004

Glass Studies

Ozarks Empire Fair, 2004

Japanese Stroll Gardens

Chubby Carrier Concert


ANPAC Car Show, 2004

Springfield Holiday Parade, 2004

Krystal Royale (female impersonator)

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An online portfolio, of sorts.


(New! My photoblog is up:

I think what makes photography unique among the arts is the fact that instead of creating a work per se, we actually take ordinary things, our everyday surroundings, and observe them and record them in such a way that the art already inherent in them is brought out. I think this is a very important point. As my eye has developed, I find myself more and more stopping in the middle of my everyday movements, seeing something aesthetic in the background, something perhaps that I've seen a hundred, a thousand times before, but now, perhaps just for this moment, it has become beautiful. This, I think, is the crux of photography for me: to find the beautiful in what's in front of you, and capture it, so you can show it to others, and teach them to see it, too.

I've been a shutterbug most of my life. For a long time, of course, I just took pictures as most of us do, storing memories of people and times I wanted to hold on to: precious slivers of time captured before they could disappear into the mists of time and imperfect memory. Over the last few years, however, I have found myself more and more fascinated by the process of photography as a means of expression, and have put a lot of work into my technique. At the same time I've thought a lot about the why of photography, with the above results.

Photography has become very important to me. What started out a hobby has become a love, and perhaps one day it will be my livelihood. I have put this page here to record this evolution; some of these are old, and show my lack of experience. Others are fairly new. I will be adding to them as I go along.

The pictures are broken down into galleries, which can be accessed in the sidebar menu above. Enjoy.

Any comments? Please email me at “kelly michelle” (but take the spaces out first)

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